These real time charts reference market momentum and relative strength in select ETFs and ETNs.
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VIXEN examines price divergences between SPY and its inverse SH in 10 minute bars and displays net change between SPY and SH to help identify triggers for intraday trades.
Crosses of SPY and SH price reflect high probability short term trend trades.
A 10 minute bar chart of XIV versus VIX serves as a companion to the SPY VIXEN chart to help confirm short term volatility trend and momentum.

These charts are a companion to the Mosaic M3 software platform and are designed to track price momentum prior to the close of each trading day and to aid in the intraday timing for opening and closing positions.

M3 charts examine price dynamics in SPY, UPRO (SPY 3x ultra bull) and XIV (the VIX inverse ETN) in real time and are provided to supplement the Mosaic M3 platform.

The composite Mosaic VEGA  portfolio is provided in 10 minute and daily bars to assist in identifying changes in momentum and trend in each of the portfolio components over the course of a market day and to provide confirmation of Mosaic M6 momentum/relative strength rankings.

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